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The Agency.

Press Agency ECOSYSTEM VLG world is an internal press agency for ECOSYSTEM VLG world and its members.

The Challenge.

The situation of African journalism being established on a mercantile basis, almost no press articles or local press releases are relayed in the West.

Press releases from RIAVAT, our partner on atrocity crimes are never relayed. The same is true for natural disasters where international NGOs have little presence, such as the volcanic eruption in Goma (DRC) in June 2021.

The Solution.

Following these observations, ECOSYSTEM VLG world proposes to relay essential information from its partners or about its beneficiaries as well as its internal news and actions relating to the memory of mass crimes.

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We are interested in discovering and disseminating stories of wars, famine, climatic disasters, extreme poverty and mass crimes to protect people traumatized by these issues.

Let us collect and report accurate news together

Following the GOMA disaster on May 22, 2021, ECOSYSTEM VLG world via its ANGELS RMX Network in DRC realized the importance of disseminating accurate information in the event of natural disasters. On May 28, 2021, it therefore opened the Press Agency ECOSYSTEM VLG world site in order to collect the exact information from the field and to bring the same back down to its beneficiaries and crowds on the road.

“I want everyone to have confidence with News in these difficult times at GOMA.”

– Virginie Guignard Legros, Founder of ECOSYSTEM VLG world –

Support Free and Authentic Journalism

The PRESS AGENCY is committed to free and ethical reporting of wars, famine, climatic disasters, extreme poverty and other mass crimes to help protect people traumatized by such issues. In order to keep this going, we rely on donations and support from the ECOSYSTEM VLG world, its partners and beneficiaries. You can also support us by making a donation.

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